WELCOME to the new Woolverine Games web store!

Our developer quit, so this a test system only for now. One the samples we have posted the quantities and prices are not valid so please ...


Visit our ebay store at stores.ebay.com/woolverine for our current inventory. You can email at julian@woolverinegames.com also.

For a sample of how our site will work, check out the SAMPLE Arkham Asylum listings.

Woolverine Games specializes in comic book based games and carries sets, singles, and sealed product for HEROCLIX, VS SYSTEM, and related ccg, tcg, cmg games. We also have Board Games, Pirates, World of Warcraft, InuYasha, LofR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pocketmodel games, Wizkids products, and related games and cool comic stuff.

We've been selling comics and games since 1988. Thanks for visiting our new website. Shop Woolverine Games for some of the best prices, guaranteed condition, and a focus on excellent, personal service.

Thanks, Julian

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